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Anaheim Tactical Medic Course Wrap Up

Group H3 recently hosted both Basic & Advanced Tactical Medic Courses at the Anaheim Fire Department.

The Basic Tactical Medic Course is designed for anyone who is responsible for providing medical support or "out of hospital" care in a tactical setting. This course specifically targets medical personnel who are new to the tactical setting and expands the medical knowledge of operators. It focuses on basic tactics, trauma management and teamwork.

The course is designed to be flexible and tailor made to the target audience if special needs are required (medicine and tactics in a rural setting, more medicine stressed for law enforcement/military personnel, more tactics stressed for the firefighter/EMS personnel, etc.).

The Advanced Tactical Medic Course is training event where students will participate in 360 degree, full speed scenarios involving tactics, sensory overload conditions, officer down rescues, triage under fire and possible terrorist incidents.

The course taught various WMD attacks and threats; triage and mass casualty management; basic helicopter & landing zone operations; basic K9 first aid; advanced airway techniques and basic & advanced IV techniques. It also exposed participants to advanced tactics and training conditions.


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