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PSD/CPP Training Wrap Up

The Program will cover the complete range of CPP/PSD Executive Protection Operations and preparation for ramp up programs for contract work in Africa/Middle East and other countries including domestic work. H3 and SOGA are negotiating/servicing contracts for immediate PSD deployments for trained and experienced Operatives.

The program consists of classroom lectures with the majority of the program consisting of hands on practical field exercises. The training days will consist of eight to ten hours, with some operations going for twenty-four hours.  Please note that the training will often continue on into the evening/night. The course content will include and is not limited to the following: Live assignment (a real job/client.) and assessments (during the course and follow-up due after the course).     There will be two (2) training blocks  of  five  (5)  days  each  with  a  weekend  for  sightseeing  at  Disneyland  and  a  visit  to  Camp Pendleton, Federal Law Enforcement – DEA office and Military Units/Police Departments- LASD, LAPD, Orange County SWAT. Prizes for top students and a special guest speaker for the “Will-to-Survive” end of training dinner. (Activities subject to change due to operational constraints).  Please see all other details regarding training program.

Recent graduates of the SOGA CPP Course received live work assignments for Executive Protection and Investigations work within Australia and Asia.

Our previous AUS attendees all received the best training from the US Marshal’s and the DEA/MARINES and LA SWAT. (Instructors are all SF-Delta/LE Community) This program will be even better.

Subjects and Units covered include:

  • Advance Surveys—preparation and planning
  • Ship/Boat Interdiction – watercraft- Hosted by US COAST GUARD/H3
  • Case Studies
  • Command post procedures
  • Contemporaneous Notes and Legal Accountability
  • Counter Terrorism familiarisation
  • Defensive skills and tactics
  • Field craft and practical scenarios (Safehouse/Stronghold)
  • Final Training Exercise (FTX)
  • High and Low Threat Scenarios
  • Threat assessment, risk analysis and surveys- to include the latest International Standards for Security, Risk and WHS Management, such as ISO 31000 RM, AS/NZ 4801 and ISO 001,2,3,4.
  • Principles of Executive Protection
  • Protection formations and Defensive Principal drills
  • Residential and travel security
  • T-SMEAC (Operational Orders)
  • Surveillance detection and counter surveillance operations
  • Transport procedures, motorcades and IED detection Search Principals
  • Tactical Weapons
  • Close Quarter Battle (CQB)

All Ammunition/ Weapons supplied for program usage are included in the costings for this program. Tactical vest and equipment is required subject to licensing and legislation constraints and may be obtained at cost (price heavily reduced to full fee paying students).  Range days will consist of over 1000 rounds per shooter.


  • ID – Military or Law Enforcement (if you have one-all others to be issued SOGA ID’s)
  • 2 Pens and a Pocket-size Note pad
  • Casual / professional attire
  • Range days (subject to change) – have an old sports coat
  • Scenarios – casual / professional attire
  • Bring a suit /coat or similar for the range drills
  • Any / all equipment you use if / when you are assigned a protection detail (Prohibited weapons and concealed carry permits must be provided to those bringing their own) Must be approved By SOGA.
  • Concealable holster and magazine pouch (To be advised)
  • Sturdy foot wear/operational boots.
  • Clothing suitable for the classroom environments, defensive tactics, and business attire (formal and casual) for the FTX.
  • Personal toiletries, casual clothes for out of course activities,
  • Please note all participants need to bring BDU’s (Beige)/ Under Armour garments/tactical clothing if you have them or they can be purchased in USA
  • Camelback/hydration systems

This is just a partial list and a full kit list to be sent out upon course enrolment and fee payment.

Eligible Course participants will also receive contact details for future work opportunities and marketing details.   (Letters of reference to be provided to candidates.) SOGA has opportunities for work for selected candidates to include high level Defence Contracts within the Australian DOD plus local.

H3 courses are recognized by the GSG9, GATE, Chile PDI, Argentina HALCON, MET Police, RCMP, US Marshal's, Taiwanese National Tac Team, US Coast Guard, US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marines. H3 has trained over 2500 units & agencies around the globe since 1991.

Download  Enrolment  details  from  the  website:  Pre-joining instructions will be sent out upon full registration and payment.

Program Dates: 11th October to 25th October 2014

Course Dates: 13th October to 17th October - Week One PSD operations (Disneyland Weekend Break- 18-19 October)

Course Dates: 20th October to 24th October- Week Two Ship/Bus Interdiction / CQB TAC Pistol/Rifle

Course location: California, USA/Port of LA


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