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Background Investigations

Group H3 provides investigative services to businesses, in-house counsel and law firms by performing comprehensive non-employment background investigations and research of individuals, assets, locations, utilities and more.

Our services include developing evidence to support a claim or a defense, identifying, or locating witnesses.

Our extensive range of domestic and international searches / information will help in deciding whether to seek legal action, employ alternative dispute resolutions, negotiate a settlement, seek a restraining order or verify potential risks and threats.

These searches are performed by trained and experienced Information Research Analysts. Our fee structures are both flat and hourly depending on the research performed.

About Us: Group H3 is professional security company providing services to governments, corporations and individuals; with roots dating back to 1991. We are always mission capable and can provide over 1200+ highly credentialed personnel to our clients in time of need. We maintain the highest standards of professionalism and has a proven track record with over twenty-five hundred government agencies served around the globe. Whether you are a private company needing physical security or protection, intelligence, K9 operations and/or training anywhere around the globe, H3 is your one-stop solution for all of your mission specific needs.


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