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Live Fire Close Quarter Battle (CQB)

The Live Fire Close Quarter Battle (CQB) course is restricted only to those who have trained in team tactics.

This three-day (24 hour) intense course deals with tight inches and angles, and only proficient shooters will be admitted.

In this training you’ll be running shoulder-to-shoulder with your teammates engaging multiple targets. We'll do walk throughs, dry-fire runs and slow fire runs on everything covered. Then, when you’re ready to go dynamic, you'll have the confidence to run through the drills and exercises more smoothly and professionally.

This course assists in reducing liability and the danger of a possible negligent discharge (ND) during future training evolutions and actual operations you may be involved in.

In this course you will be taught:

  • Fields & angles of fire
  • Wall flood, penetration flood saturation flood & the leap frog technique
  • Primary, secondary & overlap sweeps
  • Moving, check and cover drills
  • Barricades, oddities and unknowns
  • Command and control terminology
  • Range & officer safety

Your Instructors are from major metropolitan tactical teams, US Marine Corps SOGT & Force Reconnaissance CQB instructors, US Navy SpecOps, Royal Marines CQB instructors and the US Marshal's Service.

This, like all H3 courses, can be tailor made to best benefit your unit or department. You tell us what would be most beneficial and we will make it happen.

About Us: Group H3 is professional security company providing services to governments, corporations and individuals; with roots dating back to 1991. We are always mission capable and can provide over 1200+ highly credentialed personnel to our clients in time of need. We maintain the highest standards of professionalism and has a proven track record with over twenty-five hundred government agencies served around the globe. Whether you are a private company needing physical security or protection, intelligence, K9 operations and/or training anywhere around the globe, H3 is your one-stop solution for all of your mission specific needs.


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