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SWAT School

SWAT School is a 40 hour (five days), relevant tactical team training for the operator starting out on the team to the skilled veteran. Because of the requirements and needs of the host agencies, the school is slightly modified from location to locations.

With H3 Instructors, who are tactical team leaders from around the United States and world, teaching this school, you will get some of the latest officer safety and tactical experience and knowledge available.

This school can be tailor made in length and topics covered to fit your department's needs and mission. Our strength is to tell us what is most beneficial for you and we will make it happen.

In this course you will be taught:

  • Establishing policy and liability procedures
  • Scouting & tactical diagramming
  • Approaches and stacking
  • Breaching and entry methods
  • Team and individual movement
  • Officer rescue procedures and techniques
  • Active shooter scenarios and situations (schools/work place violence)
  • Team building exercises and drills
  • Bus interdiction & vehicle assaults
  • Live-fire range and CQB training
  • Final day, real time, 360 degree tactical scenarios


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